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Employee Testimonials

Hi, I’m Sahana and I was the first employee at Valenta. Thanks to Valenta I have had multiple opportunities to travel to Australia and each time has been a very different experience with plenty of learning and memorable moments. I’ve had the opportunity to attend conferences and meet the best of financial advisers in the industry. I have also got the chance to explore this beautiful country and experience its culture. I loved learning about the country’s history and visiting its many museums. These opportunities have boosted my morale and I look forward to more such visits.

Sahana Patil
Team Manager - Paraplanning

My name is Mario Dove, and I have been with Valenta for over 3 years. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Australia during this time. Sharing the same work space with my clients gave me a chance to see the bigger picture and what it takes to ensure all that is promised is delivered. I loved and embraced the work culture and work ethic. After work hours was very exciting. I’m passionate about fishing, and I was thrilled when I got to go angling in Australia and visit Steve Irwin’s zoo. My visit to Australia was amazing and I am certainly looking forward for more.

Mario Dove
Senior Paraplanner

I’m Faten and I’m part of the Valenta office in Malaysia. Working in Valenta has given me a lot of opportunities in terms of growing and enhancing my skills. In 2016, I attended the FPA conference at Perth where I was introducing our services to potential advisors. In 2018, i got to meet one of my clients in Brisbane and attend an M3 conference in Gold Coast. Attending the M3 conference was a blast since most of the advisers are our existing clients. I loved Australia and I can’t wait for such visits.

Faten Hashim
Senior Paraplanner

Hi, I’m Ronald and I’ve been with Valenta since 2016 in Malaysia. Thanks to Valenta, I was privileged to travel to Sydney and Perth in June-July 2018. I had first travelled to Sydney to visit my client with whom I have been working for close to 2 years. After spending a week in Sydney, I then flew to Perth to visit another client which I had recently started working with. I believe that visiting and spending time with the clients has been very beneficial as I was able to build a stronger relationship with them, able to see their work environment. The time spent there helped me better understand client’s expectations and reasons for outsourcing. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience and loved Australia.

Ronald Pereira
Team Leader - Admin